Pet Friendly

Throughout my entire life I have always had pets. In fact, I feel a house is not a home without one. My love for animals goes far beyond my own pets. I’m involved in numerous animal charities, and have rescued countless lost dogs. I understand what we do as animal lovers, to protect and care for the voiceless members of our family. Therefore, as a real estate agent, I hope to make the sale of your home an easy transition for the animals in your life.

Due to my great love of animals, Equestrian properties have become a natural specialty in the real estate market. I am well versed in the marketing and procurement of Equestrian properties and there special consideration. Moreover, I keep up to date on the inventory of Equestrian properties in the area so I can quickly and easily respond to any inquiries concerning Equestrian properties.
In addition to Equestrian properties my concern for animals has made me very popular amongst animal lovers with any real estate need. I can see why, over the years, I have heard too many horror stories of pets being let out and lost by careless agents showing houses. I have viewed too many homes where the household pets are locked in a hot garage with no water or banished to the outdoors with no consideration to whether it’s raining or too hot for the animal’s wellbeing.
Your pets don’t understand and may be alarmed when they see strangers invading their home territory. By becoming familiar with your pets, and letting them get to know me, they will be more comfortable during an open house, as well as individual viewings. Seeing a familiar face will do wonders to ease their anxiety.

My expertise in home and animal safety, in addition to ten plus years experience in landscaping will assist you in your home search, along with the sale of your current home.

My goal as your agent is to find you a home with the features that are important to you and your family such as:

  • A good dog walking neighborhood.
  • Properties suitable for the pets in your life.
  • Information regarding plant toxicity for animal and child safety.
  • Knowledge of areas that are prone to coyotes or other wild animal infiltration.
  • While showing your property, I will make sure your animals are safe and comfortable. I will treat them with the same respect and care as any member of your family.

My commitment is in making you and your animals move to a new home as stress free, and easy as possible. In addition, I will donate 10% of my profits to animal charities.
So please, when you make the decision to buy or sell your next home, select a realtor who is concerned about the welfare of your animal companions.