Be Stylish, Be Vegan

If you’re anything like me, you have made a commitment to save animals lives by not eating meat or wearing fur. However, have you ever thought about not wearing leather products? Today, you can find a variety of different options such as vinyl, pleather, ultra-suede and faux fur. These options are not only just as fashionable as their cruel counterparts, they are also easier to maintain. You can find these items in a variety of different price ranges, from high fashion designer Stella McCartney, to smaller locally owned boutiques, such as Head over Heals in the Westfield Topanga Mall, which offer trendy styles at affordable prices.  Even Chanel designs handbags that are completely vegan. Their collections include vinyl, satin, velvet and their very own “Fantasy Fur,” for both casual and dressy. Now, there is no excuse not to live cruelty-free.

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