I am a Certified EcoBroker, which entails additional education in real estate, specializing in energy and environmental issues. The EcoBroker Certification is unique, since few realtors have gone through the program, giving me more knowledge about the health, energy-efficiency and sustainability of homes, as well as commercial properties. “With National surveys indicating that 9 out of 10 consumers consider energy efficiency and the environmentally sound aspects of a home to be almost as important as interior finishes, Certified EcoBrokers are simply in a better position to serve the savvy green-minded real estate consumer”( Here in California, we especially tend to lean toward environmental consciousness, and healthier living. Therefore, for many, having a healthy home is equally important as exercising or eating organic food.

Along with my training, I also have ten plus years of personnel experience of living in a chemical-free, environmentally sound home. Both this education and experience helps me ensure that my clients get the knowledge they need. I have the information and resources on the latest eco-friendly choices including:

  • Energy-efficient appliances
    Solar options
    Energy-efficient windows
    Healthy, sustainable, and effective insulation techniques
    Low V.O.C paints and building products
    Overall indoor air quality

Furthermore, I know how best to market my listings to give my clients the competitive edge needed in today’s challenging real estate market. While the real estate market is in constant fluctuation, technology is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of the vast environmental concerns. As an EcoBroker, I stay informed of environmental technology and products, and how they relate to the real estate industry, which I pass on to my clients.

Environmental issues and finding ways to improve our planet is extremely important to me. I believe each person can make a difference in improving the environment for the next generation. Helping my clients make environmentally sound decision is one way I can do this.

There are thousands of realtors to choose from, when you decide to buy or sell, call the realtor who has the greater good of the environment in mind.