Land Specialist

I have twelve plus years of experience, prior to entering Real Estate, in the Construction and Development Industry. In those twelve plus years, I had hands on experience in developing sites and selecting materials for projects varying in sizes from one spec house to a one hundred plus tract development site. I worked hand and hand with architects, city officials, developers, sub-contractors and investors to ensure that projects were competed and met all of the party’s expectations. This experience set the tone for my real estate career as a creative thinking, development minded Realtor with the ability to negotiate win, win deals.

As a Realtor I have built a clientele of Developers and Investors with a wide range of expertise. I have clients that build multi-family infill projects such as apartments, condos and townhouses as well as high-end residential builders that build homes one site at a time. Furthermore, I also work with developers that build out large tract home development sites. This wide range of patrons makes it mandatory for me to know what is going on with state and city zoning codes and restrictions on building. Such as the Los Angeles Hillside Ordinance that took effect in 2011 as well as different moratoriums on water rights and building in certain counties and cities in California.

I see beyond the land or building that currently improves a site and through my knowledge and creativity, I am able to envision what type of project is best suited for that location. This gives me the capability to market properties to the right buyers for my listings allowing me to sell properties quicker and at top value for my sellers. Additionally, I am skilled at selecting the most profitable projects for my buyers seeing value where others may not.